Wahaca: Mexican Market Eating

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Wahaca brings Mexican market eating to the heart of London: the atmosphere, delectable yummies and quick service. And when we say quick, we mean quick: it’s not uncommon for dishes to be served whilst layin’ a-cookin’ and for eagle-eyed diners to be served as soon as they’ve zoomed in on their seat. And as if quick, tasty food isn’t enough, diners take more than a tummy’s worth of authentic Mexican cuisine home with them. As a parting gift, the eatery hands out little gifts to its patrons. Matchbook? No. After meal mints? Guess again. They give out Serrano chilli seeds, cutely packaged in teal and hot pink, complete with foolproof step-by-step instructions on how to be a budding Serrano chilli farmer. Just another way by which we can help give back to Mother Nature!

For more, visit the restaurant’s site at http://www.wahaca.com.