C-1-7 TTDI Plaza
Jalan Wan Kadir 3
60000, Kuala Lumpur
T: 03 7710 5209

Orient Express….
Wabisabi is what you would expect a small hidden-away sushi/sake bar in downtown Tokyo to look like. The Japanese themed yakitori bar is TTDI Plaza’s hippest hangout. The staff are friendly and the drinks prices are just as friendly to your wallet. Come here for some light snacks and heavy drinking.

Clientele Working professionals to young urbanites from yonder side of town.

Music policy Chilled like sake.

Drinks The drinks list is extensive. There’s 8 types of vodka to choose from – 42 Below Pure, Passionfruit, Manuka Honey, Kiwi, Feijoa, Ketel One, Grey Goose Original and L’Orange, all priced at RM17-RM21/glass.
Highlights include Absinthe Clandestine 53%abv (RM25), Chartreuse Green 55%abv (RM23) and Absinthe Angelique 68%abv (RM27). As it’s a Yakitori bar , there is of course sake; the house pour is Toku Toku Non-Bei for RM30/270ml. Lipsmacking plum wine, Choya umeshu is RM18/glass. Our pick? Okinawa iced tea – a dangerously delicious concoction of vodka, rum, gin, midori, lemon, lime, pineapple and soda.

Happy Hours 5pm-9pm. For the beer enthusiasts, that means Tiger draught is RM11/glass and RM25/jug. Guinness draught is RM14/glass and RM17/pint.

Eats Predominatly light bites. Snacks are priced at RM7-RM15, like the pan-fried giant mushroom in butter (RM12), or cheddar-wrapped with bacon for RM5! Try the Wabi beef rice, a dish of beef in toban sauce and onions for RM18.

Dress code No salarymen suits here.

Door policy Free entry.

Open Mon-Sat: 5pm-1am.

Parking Basement parking is a maximum RM6. It’s RM10 outside.