W6 Studios Rooftop Party

Date Sat, 3rd Dec '16
Time 3pm - 10pm
Venue Findars 無限發掘

W6 Studios is a creative collective-cum-graphic design studio run by geometrical artist Sherwan Rozan. It has recently started hosting studio mixer parties that attract an audience who enjoys expressing themselves on canvas as well as through fashion. For this edition of W6 Studios’ rooftop party, League of Captains will be in charge of ensuring everyone’s well fed. The menu includes mango beef salad, salmon poke, chicken merguez, beef bagel sliders, and cookies — what type exactly is uncertain for now but oh lord, may it be organic. For fans of outerwear, all of W6’s items will be given a 20% discount from 12pm to 6pm.

More information on the event here