Vox Tribe: Samurai Streetwear

Image Vox Tribe

Vox Tribe is the latest brainchild of Hujan’s frontman Noh, a culmination of his interest in Japanese culture and streetwear (and the amalgam of the two). With designs by himself, Vox Tribe sees Noh venturing out of rock godhood and into the fashion pantheon much in the same way Japanese stars (think Verbal) are also simultaneously streetwear icons.  2012 will see the line expanding to all the streetwear staples; jackets, jeans, shoes and caps. JUICE spoke with the rock icon-cum-street culture fanboy Noh for a little bit of insight on the fledgling streetwear label…

How did Vox Tribe come to be?
I’ve been thinking of starting my own brand for some time already, but initially I wanted to focus on just music. Back in secondary school, I used to buy fashion mags from Hong Kong (Milk & Bang! in particular), at the time that was the only source I had for fashion stuff, and there were all 3 months late issues. I was from Miri, Sarawak after all, we don’t have Kinokuniya there, haha. Then prior to my engagement I’ve had discussed about starting a fashion line, was too busy with the whole wedding thing though.

Another thing that made we want to have my own clothing line is because I want clothes that would fit my own taste. Don’t care what y’all say cause whatever I make from the label is what I want to wear everyday. I’m picky about clothes, man, especially regarding colours and cutting.

What inspired the samurai headgear on the varsity and tee?
What I personally am a huge fan of! Japanese culture and hip hop, think Tokyo Tribe 2. I’m an otaku, anime, music, fashion, all of them are going to influence the brand.

We heard you designed the clothes yourself. Didn’t know you had a background in design, man. Haha.
Hahahaha! I have none whatsoever! I was just trying it out for fun, the logo you see on the varsity and tee was really my own design, but the next batch will be aided by friends. So far I’ve got Sanjay, whose works you can find at visualarkitekts.deviantart.com and sjeatsairplanes.daportfolio.com. We’re also going to have a crossover thing with Attack Apparel this January.

For now Vox Tribe is only selling varsity hoodies and t-shirts. We’d fully expecting a whole range of apparels to come out from you guys soon though, care to tell what we can expect?
We’re working out on snapbacks and fitteds, which would hopefully come out by January, insyaallah. To be blunt, the progress of Vox Tribe is slow as heck because we don’t wanna rush things, we want quality control when it comes to our products. Like the varsity and tee we currently have, that took f*cking long to discuss with the factory and manufacturers before we did anything. After the caps, we’re looking to have more t-shirts, polo T, hoodies, flannel shirts, and even jeans. Look for more after Chinese New Year.

Where can we get Vox Tribe’s swag?
You can visit www.morningrocket.com or visit the physical shop in Cheras, for those of you around the East Coast, check out Invade: The Store

Date Masamune Varsity Hoodie retails at RM150 and Date Masamune Black T is RM60. Get your manga-inspired streetwear fix at www.voxtribecrew.com, like them at facebook.com/voxtribecrew.