LISTEN: VMPRMYTH Lives On With New Single ‘Inverse’

Busier with behind-the-scene duties as an audio engineer for others, spreading his influence beyond just Akhyla members with production duties on Beijing singer-songwriter Wang Shengnan’s self-titled EP, it’s been a long time since VMPRMYTH has released anything of his own after debut album HEROINe in 2014 – aside from the occasional bootlegs and mixes that is. But as all myths are wont to last, he’s made a return as an artiste in his own right with new single ‘Inverse’ – a concise track that hits you with VMPRMYTH’s ear-piercing war drums production style, which is prefaced and punctuated by eerily subdued synths. An inverse relationship between calm and chaos, if you will.

Stream the track below:

‘Inverse’ is also available via Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes.

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