VJ Holly Bids Goodbye to MTV to Go Back to School!

MTV VJ Holly will be bidding goodbye to MTV and her flock of fans as she goes back to her studies in the United States this coming new year.  The vivacious star has chosen to return to her studies, knowing that her priorities should always lie in education. She made this announcement on this week’s episode of The MTV Show which she hosts with VJ Rich.

The team here at JUICE are tremendously saddened about the news, but at the same time wishes our December 2010 cover girl all the best in her future undertakings.

VJ Holly was discovered when MTV trawled the blogosphere in 2010 in an extensive search for its next VJ.  Besting a huge pool of aspirants in challenges and fan votes, she was hailed the new VJ in front of over 15,000 screaming fans during World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010.  Since then, the part Polish, part Sinhalese-Chinese VJ has hosted MTV events across Asia gaining celebrity status gracing the covers of magazines in the region and has been featured in countless articles on print and online.It was clear that she had star quality and potential from the head go!

Expressing her biggest gratitude to what MTV has done for her in the past two years, she claims that the station has helped her grow as an individual more than she could have ever expected when she came on board. Tan Sian Ju, Vice President of MTV Brand, Asia, also extends his best wishes for her decision and commends her for prioritising her studies.

All the best, Holly and maybe someday, we’ll be lucky enough to see your pretty face on TV again!

Fans and viewers can still catch VJ Holly on-air until 20 October at the season finale of The MTV Show, which premieres every Saturday 2pm.