Vitalic: Dark Tech

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Vitalic is Pascal Arbez, a Frenh electronic musician who until 2001 was an unknown name in the dance circuit. It wasn’t until he met Michel Amato (aka The Hacker) who suggested that he send his tracks to DJ Hell (head honcho of Munich’s Gigolo Records) that he achieved success in clubland. ‘La Rock 01’ off his Poney EP became the summer dance hit that year and the rest has been a shuffle forward for the synth maestro. With his latest release Flashmob, Vitalic has had the critics in awe. Uncut magazine has given it a 5/5 star rating and called it “an original and distinctive voice in an electronics scene fast running out of ideas.” We could agree more. Beneath the multi-layered electro bleeps and bloops, this distorted yet melodic album has some pretty nifty moments. The build-ups are well planned and the beats are, for lack of better words, beat-a-licious. It seems like nothing can hold back Vitalic’s game. And for those of you still new to it, this is going to inspire hordes of bedroom DJs.

Hit it up with Vitalic’s ‘Flashmob’ (Citizen/PIAS) at