Videogioco by Donato Sansone


This Milkyeyes production is beyond dope! Videogioco means videogame in Italian. You’d probably think of this as a child’s play at first look, then you’ll be like, “Oh…”. A few more seconds later, you’d go “WOAH!” Using 2D drawings, flipbook-style action and stop-motion filming to create this almost ultra-violence cartoon- genius!

The character (well, really just a part of him) moves across the paper getting stabbed, cut, hit, swallowed and kicked through the air only to be finally re-united with his body for a closing punch. The ending loops back to the beginning scene, starting the whole process, and cycle of violence, over again.

The animator and concept was executed by the talented Donato Sansone of Milkyeyes and the sound design was made possible by Enrico Ascoli. Kudos!

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