VIDEO: Zulu’s ‘Your Grace’

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The first minute of the music video for Zulu’s ‘Your Grace’ is relatively wholesome — just a girl scheduling to hook up with someone while she sits on a toilet, no big deal. Then, all of a sudden, the visuals become almost NSFW as a cleaner she employed to help tidy up her house earlier in the day appears during her date to rub his vacuum cleaner against her body — we’re going to safely assume that this is Simon Landrein‘s creative way of having both characters have sex without actually having to animate it. Simon is one of the nine artists Zulu collaborated with for their Carte Blanche project — they’ve worked with 10 visual artists from varying cities to conceptualise each song from the album. We can’t wait to see what other enjoyable content they have produced from this.

Watch the video below:

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