VIDEO: ZSYIA’s ‘Lost//Home (prod. by f r s)’

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source: ZSYIA

While the f r s-produced ‘Lost//Home’ is almost a year old, it’s only now that it’s got the music video treatment via the students of MMU’s Cinematic Arts Programme – and yes, it was done as part of their course work. That doesn’t diminish the work done here though; opening with a spoken word piece by ZSYIA wherein she ruminates over the nature of ‘home’, the track begins proper with her lost on the highway. Scenes then shift to different locations in Johor Bahru – some touristy (night market, Buddhist temple, etc.), others seemingly ordinary (alleys, skate park) – before capping it all off by an idyllic beach side where ZSYIA is finally at ease far away from home.

Watch the video below:

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