VIDEO: We Look At Our Scalps Under A Microscope!

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Recently, videos of people looking under a super zoom microscope have been popping up everywhere, and we wanted to try it on our scalps

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Some of us were curious about the conditions of our scalp: Is it healthy? Do we have dandruff? Is it greasy or dry? To better understand our condition, we had a professional examine our scalps under a microscope.

What did our scalps look like under a microscope? Watch the full video below to find out. WARNING: It gets up close and personal!

First, the scalp care professional checked our scalps at a microscopic level to identify the problem

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Jam: “So here’s Sabrina who’s gonna get up close and personal with our scalps.”

We were shocked at the terrible conditions of our scalps

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Iylia: “Ooh… Oh my God!”

Jam: “I don’t know what to say. Looks like a good product to fry an egg.”

The professional advised us on our scalp care routine and helped us to wash our hair with the new CLEAR Micellar Scalp Therapy Shampoo for a quick fix on our scalp issue

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Sabrina: “Because the Micellar formula is in a smaller particle, so what it does is it will help penetrate in the follicles deeper.”

We couldn’t believe it! Our scalps looked so much clearer after just one wash.

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Sabrina: “You can see it opened up most of the pores. You need to do the treatment a few more times. Just wash it, then it will remove it layer by layer.”

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Jam: “Woah, this is really clean. You cannot really see a hint of red just now. Now you can actually see the skin, right?”

Do you have annoying scalp problems too? The new CLEAR Micellar Scalp Therapy Series helps with deep scalp purification.

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The key to healthy hair is to maintain a clean and hydrated scalp, as clogged pores can cause damaged and frizzy hair. Ew!

This new range of CLEAR shampoo is formulated with Micellar formula which has amazing cleansing properties. This formula contains small particles called Micelle that can penetrate deeper into scalp pores and hair follicles for thorough cleansing.

Furthermore, CLEAR Micellar Scalp Therapy is also infused with natural ingredient extracts with no silicone and parabens, which is gentler for your scalp and leaves your hair feeling light and smelling fragrant all day long! It also contains anti-dandruff actives for dandruff prevention.

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The CLEAR Micellar Scalp Therapy Series features products for both men and women to fit their different scalp care needs. For women, there’s the Purifying, Hydrating, and Oil Control series’, whereas the Energizing and Purifying shampoos are for men.

You can get CLEAR Micellar Scalp Therapy Shampoos from any Watson stores for a 15% discount until the end of December 2019. Use the promo code CLEARMI5 for RM5 off when you buy it on Watson Online now!

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