VIDEO: Watch Another Side of Kuala Lumpur in Aman RA’s ‘Budak Flat’

source: Aman Ra

To coincide with his birthday, Aman RA drops new single ‘Budak Flat’ with an accompanying video (by local hip hop’s marquee MV director, HAVERHUCK) – adding some cinematic vérité to the veracity of the ghetto narrative told in his lyrical content. Decidedly in direct contrast with his recent guest features on more pop-leaning tracks, namely ‘Hello’ and ‘Bangkit’, the stark black and white video paired with Aman’s gritty tale of living in Keramat’s low-income housing project (“Blok aku panas, bukan cakap gebang”) is exactly what fans had been clamouring for since Kraft reintroduced himself as Aman RA with the seminal ‘Pantun 100 Kerat’. Produced by himself — with SXPH and Al-Z aiding its arrangements and composition — the beat complements that grimy, street-level zeal to a t as well, complete with the cock of a gun and of course, its blast.

Watch the video below:

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