VIDEO: Vince Staples’ ‘Lift Me Up’

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We didn’t think it was possible to be more in awe over Vince Staples; from his opinions on the ’90s being overrated to his appearance in Pitchfork’s Over/Under video series where he discloses his worry regarding people that take drugs but aren’t addicted to it (“I’m all about going hard or going home, so if you’re getting high and not with the crack rock, I gotta worry about your commitment to the cause”) to his acclaimed debut album Summertime ’06 — everything this guy serves is as great as a pepperoni pizza that’s fresh from the oven. Now he’s blessed us with a music video for ‘Lift Me Up’ — the second song from Summertime ’06 — where Vince is seen levitating in various Long Beach locations, probably because he kept asking Jehovah to lift him up. The cinematography and art direction in the video are worth a mention as well — rotating shots are cool granted that dizziness is something someone genuinely enjoys feeling.

Watch the video below:

Vince Staples’ Summertime ’06 was one of our favourite albums of 2015. More from him here