VIDEO: VIKTORIA’s ‘Nothing More’

Here’s a new one from HOAX; #SADGIRL singer-songwriter VIKTORIA is set to drop her debut solo EP Good Girl Bad Habits by the end of April, and ‘Nothing More’ – released as a music video – is the first single off the record. If you’re familiar with her past work, then the track isn’t anything unexpected of VIKTORIA, but it is admittedly elevated by Slovakian producer Oeuvre’s beat (previously released as an instrumental track called ‘Myrkur’) as her self-produced songs have had the trappings of inexperience before. This isn’t to say the production quality betrays her bedroom musician appeal though – beginning with the sound of a movie projector unspooling its film reels and continuing with post-Salem trap (the kind you’d expect TeamSESH to rap on), ‘Nothing More’ still plays like a track off a dusty cassette tape.

Watch the video below:

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