VIDEO: VICE’s Broadly

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source: Vice Broadly

Have you heard that Vice has launched a women’s interest website and video channel? Though Vice had just recently promoted Broadly‘s YouTube channel, we’re surprised about the amount of ‘dislikes’ the introductory video for Broadly had received as well as the snide remarks in the comments section. Generally, it covers the usual snark, “I suppose pandering to the feminist crowd pays quite well these days,” to the misogynistic and grossly ignorant, “Seems like a new breeding ground for feminist bitches….. come on Vice you’re better than this.” Well, a few people are pissed at The Broadly Guide to Men — an unflinchingly stern pronouncement about, well, men. But of course, this attitude is translated as an act of outright hate by a culture that has always subjugated women. What can we say? There’s still a lot of work to be done, but at least Broadly, as well as other feminist media, are working hard to change some hardened archaic notions.

We suggest you look past the astrology posts and start with the aforementioned ‘guide’, or perhaps something light but no less enlightening, The Power Suit:

Here’s what you can expect from Broadly:

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