VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator’s The Jellies Season 1 Trailer

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Tyler, The Creator and his fellow comrade from Loiter Squad, Lionel Boyce, have been working on an animated series together titled The Jellies, and like all things Tyler takes on creatively, it’s abrasive, politically incorrect, and surrounded by the dark comedy cloud. The series revolves around a family of jellyfish that has adopted a human as their son who believes he’s part of the jellyfish clan á la Tarzan. They break the news to him on his sixteenth birthday and a reel of events transpire; terrorists demanding money, transport, and chicken nuggets (they get hungry too), and someone who looks like Al Sharpton is present as well, though we don’t think he’d like his script very much. We can’t wait to watch it. 

Watch the video below:

First episode available now via Golf Media — new episodes on Sundays at 6pm PT. For more Tyler, The Creator click here.