VIDEO: Travis Orbin’s ‘Projects’

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source: Zildjian

As Ben Norton put it, “Math metal before Travis Orbin was just algebra II; his music is differential equations.” The ex-Periphery drummer, who left the band right before they broke into the limelight to focus on his other projects (namely sessioning for other artistes, started composing these tracks way back in 2007), showcases a befuddling depth of musicianship with these six tracks. Of course, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to us. The drummer has played and recorded hundreds of tracks over widespread genres, exhibiting his versatility and machine-like competence in nailing down everything from blues-driven grooves, hyper-technical pop punk crossover layers, to his beloved crazed polyrhythmic progressive tunes. He’s bloody good at what he does, and this self-composed EP, recorded with help from Adam Edgemont and Pete Luetzeler just seems to further help him stamp his mark as one of the world’s top musicians today.

Programmed drums bow down.

You can purchase the EP here

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