VIDEO: Tom Misch’s ‘Crazy Dream (feat. Loyle Carner)’


Multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker Tom Misch has a new EP called Reverie, and he’s partnered with rapper (and bae material) Loyle Carner once more on single ‘Crazy Dream’ (they’ve previously worked together on Misch’s Beat Tape 2). ‘Crazy Dream’ sounds like how a summer holiday feels; it is warm, languid, and relaxed with instrumentation that doesn’t press hard at your ears. Misch sings and Loyle raps, both of whom have a genial sensibility that complements each other. On the other hand, the music video is directed by the prolific RUFFMERCY where the duo appears in the director’s hazy, psychedelic filters of beaches and skate parks, appended with stylistic patterns and graphic lines.

Watch the video below:

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