VIDEO: Tiger White Pres. Coaster

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Tiger Coaster Film

In case it slipped under your radar, Tiger White’s Coaster is an iconic short film – the first to be conceived via coasters. What does that mean? It means the simple Tiger White philosophy was right; it all starts with white… coasters.

Last October ‘15, 5,000 physical coasters were distributed to selected bars and cafes in Malaysia, acting as blank canvases that provided consumers a chance to be part of the distinctive movie production. Participants were also allowed to submit their entries online via the Tiger Coaster Film website.

Scribbled on the coasters were ideas for the script, actors, costumes and more, seeing winners take on the roles of director, scriptwriters, actors, stylists, assistants, and even runners. The crowd-sourced project chose We Jun and Lim Benji as the director and screenwriter, penning a story about a young chef getting revenge on the mobster that killed his father. Everest (starring Jake Gyllenhaal) director Baltasar Kormakur mentored the aspiring filmmakers as they put together a thrilling 14-minute piece in Kuala Lumpur that received an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

Watch the movie below:

You can follow the story and find your part here.

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