VIDEO: Things You Should NEVER Compromise On

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I ate chicken rice today. It was the fourth time in the past week. -_-

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Oh well… what would work lunches be without (some) compromise?

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Everyone would end up eating alone. Where’s the fun in that?!

So, we compromise. Select options that we may not be too enthusiastic about like civilised human beings so that we can spend time together and not seem completely self-involved.

And that, my friend, is the kind of compromise that can be low-key boring but not exactly life-threatening—unlike other unhealthy compromises, we sometimes make in life like putting up with toxic relationships or buying low-quality material goods (fake makeup?! JUST DON’T, PLEASE).

In the future, just be more cautious and maybe think things through before making compromises in life, okay? <3

Wah, even as a non-driver, I don’t understand why people would buy unauthorised, fake engine oils for their cars!

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That’s a pretty big compromise that’s bound to damage your car in the long run. So, buy the authorised ones lah. If not, later your car rosak, need to spend more money! It’s not worth it, man.

But how do you distinguish the difference between the original and unauthorised ones?

Ah, senang je! The original and authorised engine oils from Shell will have the ‘Untuk Pasaran Malaysia’ logo on the bottle.

An image of the AUTHORISED Shell Helix engine oil bottle with the ‘Untuk Pasaran Malaysia’ logo. Image via SHELL

Also, Shell Helix offers exclusive rewards for members—all you have to do is sign up as a SHARE member to enjoy the benefits. You could even get FREE engine oil! BEST.

For more details, visit the SHARE website or any of the authorised workshops.