VIDEO: The Wisdom of Pessimism


Yes, it’s about time someone made a video advocating pessimism. Your lowered expectations and foresight for gloom is celebrated here in this video by The School of Life — a website that claims to develop emotional intelligence. The video is animated by Claudio Salas; it has whimsical animation of gentle hues and calming sound effects that lessen the severity of the content and topic at hand. The soothing voice of the narrator has a tone that allows the words he speaks to have a sort of affirmative influence and encouragement that there are indeed benefits in delving in negativity. Other than the promise of having your expectations and feelings spared, the content makers suggest laughter as a remedy, “…a generous laughter borne of certainty that today will go wrong, tomorrow will probably be even worse, until the worst of all happens. But that’s okay.”

Watch the video below:

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