VIDEO: The Trailer for Huang’s World on VICELAND

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Eddie Huang

VICELAND is the latest extension in the Vice network’s ever-expanding world of content, and this one happens to be co-founded by director Spike Jonze. We bet you’ve binge watched Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off The Boat on YouTube, but then the show went away after two seasons, which you then quickly replaced with Fuck, That’s Delicious with Action Bronson. But now, after a change of name (Fresh Off The Boat is now a Fox family sitcom based on Huang’s autobiography, which he vehemently disapproves of on Twitter), the human panda is back and he continues his international cultural excursion through food. Here in this trailer, he cracks jokes, gets emotional, does kung fu, eats blue cheese dressing with his Taiwanese dad, cooks with his mom, and more.

Watch the trailer below:

Huang’s World will premiere on Thursday 28 April ’16 on VICELAND

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