VIDEO: The Kominas’ ‘Eid Mubarak’ Live @ SUNDAYS/cool

source: The Kominas

You might recognise punk band The Kominas as the immediate result of Michael Muhammad Knight’s fiction book The Taqwacores, which led to not just a film adaptation but also a documentary showcasing the North American Muslim punks inspired by the novel (life imitates art just as often) — most notable of which is the band in question. Though we wager they’d rather be lumped into the overall punk rock umbrella now than be pigeonholed into ‘taqwacore’, the band, the book, and the documentary were indubitably some kind of validation for a lot of Southeast Asian kids who were told that their Muslim identity clashes with the subculture they identify with — even if the struggles of being a minority of South Asian descent in the States are lost on them. Regardless, here’s another piece of validation; punk rock Raya (that’s Eid al-Fitr to our international readers) song, ‘Eid Mubarak’, off recent album Stereotype — and yes, it’s a proper one with all the mischief and subversion emblematic of the genre, none of that cornball BS we’d get here. Performed live for SUNDAYS/cool, a platform by Mipsterz to showcase talents from the um, Muslim hipster community, The Kominas’ live rendition of the track might just be better than the recorded version.

Watch the video below:

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