VIDEO: The Journey of the Beasts

source: Journey of the Beasts

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill skate trick video. We’ve all seen those grungy ollie-and-grind fests repeatedly and even if you were never into boarding, one of your overenthusiastic friends probably has pushed you to like one of their dour lo-def vids of them attempting to emulate Ryan Sheckler.¬†No, believe us when we say that this is the best skate video we’ve seen. Period. It’s not just the tricks and the kicks – it’s a heartwarming tale of Europeans travelling to Indonesia and immersing themselves in local culture while spreading the love and inspiring young kids (and a 55-year-old medicinal healer, ironically named Mr. Elektro!) to start boarding. It’s about half-an-hour long and is well worth your lunch break. It’s funny, picturesque, and weepy at times – we’d love to see a full-length.

Find more from director Sebastian Linda on Vimeo.