VIDEO: The Jameson Project’s ‘Alman Tanak’

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source: The Jameson Project

The Jameson Project is the side project of Najmi who plays bass for local metalcore band Incarnation, and his YouTube page is a deluge of his past work that ranges from his guitar covers to some hilariously obnoxious compositions. With ‘Alman Tanak’, Najmi is mashing up personal amusement with rock music. The song came about when his son Alman was humming the riff and it soon transpired into this jokey but undeniably catchy track that yields your feet to a tapping frenzy. As a portrayal of “all the little boys and girls during their ‘terrible-two’ phase,” the schoolyard chant of the lyrics such as “Alman tanak makan, tanak minum, tanak mandi” will surely exasperate all parents with its juvenile stubbornness. Although it needs to be said that we’re on Alman’s side…

Singalong to it below:

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