VIDEO: The Grammys’ ‘Witness Greatness (feat. Kendrick Lamar)’

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Kendrick Lamar has made his expectations of taking home a Grammy award as obvious as Trump’s declaration of disliking anyone that’s not white. In this video — part of a new campaign created by the Grammys to celebrate, well, greatness — a bunch of kids, adults, and seniors from Compton recite the lyrics to ‘Alright’ in a spoken word manner. The ending is the bit where King Kunta himself appears, singing along to the unintentional motivational anthem with the rest of his community in a carpark — must’ve been a scene Kendrick had imagined himself to be in with Tupac many, many years ago. Whether or not this was the Grammys’ way of emphasising its non-racially bias list of nominees in comparison to the many award shows America hosts (get it together, Oscars) is unclear but it’s working — so far just in Lamar’s favour but we’re not complaining. He was just recently announced as one of the three — the other two being The Weeknd and Queen Adele — artistes set to perform at the Grammys, and if there’s anything we know by watching his performances behind a screen is that it’s nothing short of emotional and intense. We can’t wait.

Watch the video below:

The Grammys is going down on Monday 15 February ’16 in Los Angeles, which means Tuesday 16 February ’16 at 8am for Malaysians. Read the full list of nominees here