VIDEO: The Delorean Makes A Comeback


Even though we don’t think anyone here in Malaysia is fanatical enough about living their Marty McFly boyhood dream by going through the presumed hell of customs to purchase a Delorean, it’s still worth mentioning that Delorean Manufacturing Company (DMC) will be releasing a small line of Deloreans… in the imminent future. The small company has written a long statement on their blog detailing what the Delorean will and will not have, as well as some of the slight legal tangles that’s too meandering for us to continue reading, honestly. However, here in this commercial, the ad features a Delorean, owned by Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds fame, in a series of disorienting cuts entitled ‘Lucky Coin’.

Watch the video below:

The limited edition rerelease of the Delorean is expected in 2017 with an estimated retail price of USD100,000.