VIDEO: Cherry Bomb Board Co. Pres. The Temple Run

The Cherry Board Board Co.

Local skateboard/longboard brand Cherry Bomb Board Co. put out a video featuring three longboarders — namely Izzi, Dian, Miki Mike — who took on the bare freeway as their own personal skate tracks, or so we thought. We see them riding at high velocity when suddenly, a few vehicles come whizzing by the other side, causing our hearts to shrivel in fear. The video has many adrenaline pumping instances where the riders demonstrate their impressive skill sets– skimming the tar road with their gloved hands, their backs rounded in the name of aerodynamics and speed, and even one where a rider curved his standing body as the road winded along. ‘The Temple Run’ is not only a showcase of a sportsman’s abilities and dexterity, but it also took into account the cinematography; the short flick is tinged with orange, red, and an overall sepia colouring.

Get your pulse up by watching the video below:

More information on Cherry Bomb Board Co. here.