VIDEO: The Bourne Quadrilogy Summarised in Less Than 3 Minutes

source: Jason Bourne

Burger Fiction’s latest video is an adequate visual summary of the Bourne quadrilogy. It’s perfect for viewers who are planning to catch the upcoming Jason Bourne movie but have yet to sit through 341 minutes of Matt Damon channelling a combination of Ethan Hunt, John McClane, and hell, even Jackie Chan in his improvisational weaponisation of everyday objects – let’s ignore the additional 135 minutes of Jeremy Renner wasting our time. However, those who have watched all prior films may find themselves amused by the utter repetition the series fell into, which they might have missed when viewing them the first time around. While the number of times ‘Treadstone’ (the operation Jason Bourne was inducted into) is mentioned throughout the series isn’t as painfully obvious in the movies, seeing as this video basically compresses all four films into less than three minutes, ‘Treadstone’ is uttered every three words or so.

Due to the close proximity of Treadstone mentions, a drinking game was only appropriate to make the watching process more entertaining – we’d advise having a bottle of alcohol within arm’s reach before pressing play, and for every time the organisation is mentioned, have a shot. You can start by how many times we mentioned it here.

Watch the video below:

The fifth Bourne movie, Jason Bourne, is slated for a Friday 29 July ’16 release date (US).

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