VIDEO: The Black Sabbath Show

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Black Sabbath is known for their wild behaviour and socially unacceptable vices — like cocaine use and alcoholism… wait, that’s not acceptable?! — so naturally, this cartoon shows exactly just that. It’s definitely not a video for those that lack a sense of humour — or heavy metal elitists for that matter, because we can imagine how distraught said community will be upon seeing the unfair portrayal of Bill Ward and his relationship with alcohol. However, Ozzy’s never-ending attempt of boning everything that moves seems most accurate though. Sharon Osbourne probably feels neutral to the whole thing seeing as the couple has stayed in a relationship for over 30 years and has probably seen more demons from Ozzy than any cartoon will ever show. This episode shows the band heading over to Hawaii after a long world tour to treat themselves to tropical weather and a luau party; Ozzy’s wearing winter-appropriate clothing because he felt Hawaii would be “bloody cold” while Bill Ward’s inaudible speech irritates Toni Iommi to high heavens. Hopefully a second episode is being uploaded as we speak and maybe that one could include a little bat.

Watch the video below:

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