VIDEO: Terry Timely’s Input/Output

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.22.24 AM

Terry Timely’s short, Input/Output, reminded us to always expect the unexpected and that we’re borderline sadistic because everything that went wrong in the four-minute long video, we giggled at, but we’re confident you will too. It was like watching the ending of A Series of Unfortunate Events where Count Olaf had to reenact all the devious plans he created for the children but without dialogue and Jim Carrey. Our favourite bits were the middleaged man trying to brush his teeth but his toothpaste tube was filled with everything but toothpaste and the woman trying to eat at a Chinese restaurant — can’t spoil it entirely but imagine if that happened in reality? There’d be too many hangry people to deal with.

Watch it below:

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