VIDEO: Terbit 23 by Taufiq Kamal


We’ve seen the trailer for Taufiq Kamal’s short film when we wrote about Zulhezan’s (Dirgahayu) eponymous original soundtrack for the film; the film was made from the grant of RM75,000, which Kamal received from his winning submission — Rozita Binti Roslan — for last year’s BMW Shorties competition. The film centres around a writer named Aditya who is described as being sent into “a state of flux” when he encounters Airis. The short film is dialogue-centric as it moves from quiet moments by the dock, to various abstract dream sequences of the pair in a room full of mannequins, mirrors, and under the covers on a bed surrounded by fluorescent tubes of lights. Throughout the film, you question Airis’ existence as she spouts encouraging and reassuring sentiments to the sullen but transfixed writer. Finally though, Aditya is wary of her too as he finally asks “Is this even real?” before it rains for dramatic effect.

Watch the short film below:

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