VIDEO: Sun Bones’ ‘Arms’

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A guitar-hero carcass cycles his way across town to serenade a damsel outside her balcony in hopes of his love being reciprocated, and it was. Their relationship was in a beautiful setting for about 30 seconds until this lady-carcass in red — Chris De Burgh warned us all! — walked in and the eyeless creature could not remove her from his sights, thus leaving his damsel to collapse onto the ground wallowing in her heartache while he enjoyed himself by dancing with his new interest. Yes, like a soap opera but instead of the usual cheese-like music playing in the back, there’s Sun Bones’ hauntingly beautiful vocals asking him to stay in her arms. The Tucson-based band draws inspiration from the likes of Vampire Weekend, Talking Heads, and Beach Boys, so their music is easy-listening for all, and this song and its music video is on fire — both literally and in the Internet language sense.

Watch the video below:

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