VIDEO: Strellson’s Make Yourself Unstoppable Campaign

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 5.45

Swiss menswear label Strellson prides itself in creating suits that are as versatile as they are functional; ones that are able to accommodate to any setting, event, and climate. For its FW17 campaign, the brand exports its ideas to German directing team Wolf & Lamm, who then translate the axiom ‘expect the unexpected’ into visuals and look to a band — specifically a fallen lead singer — who embodied said quote to complete the video. The lead singer in this context is none other than Queen’s Freddie Mercury. “What Alice in Wonderland was for the world of literature, Freddie Mercury was for rock music. Always unexpected. Always weird and unstoppable in his genius,” Strellson discloses in a statement.

The brand uses British singer-songwriter MNEK’s cover of the rock band’s popular track entitled ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ as the video’s theme song — it’s without a doubt a modern take on the rock classic, which could be sacrilegious to devout fans of Queen, but we can’t deny the catchiness of this version. On another note, if Strellson’s suits are truly able to endure all the obstacles it displays in its ad, we’ll never ask for another suit besides this one in our lifetime again.

Watch the video below:

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