VIDEO: Stellar Dreams’ ‘Dimensions’


It has been seven months since we’ve heard anything new from synthwave duo Stellar Dreams, but in the midst of the wait, they’ve been hard at work crafting a nocturnal music video that’s befitting of their track ‘Dimensions’. Stellar Dreams’ ’80s revival soundscape is undeniably cinematic, so to have visuals accompanying it just increases the emotive experience. Directed by sports car racing fanatic Ibrahim Faiesall, we see Khairil and Iqwan driving around town in a scarlet car while subtitles — both English and Japanese — captioning the lyrics sung appear on screen, which elevates the dreamlike appeal of the video even further. The wispy and ephemeral vocals of Sophie (“Scandinavian” is the adjective used in their EPK — accurate) effortlessly glide through the electronic(a) currents of Stellar Dreams’ clean arrangements — if she proves to be a constant muse to the duo, we can’t wait to see what else they have in store in the offing.

Watch the video below:

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