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While the original St. Anger album debuted at #1 in 31 countries around the world, many fans and critics alike weren’t too pleased with how the album turned out. Written and recorded during a turbulent period for the band, the threesome (minus Newsted) attempted to go for a raw sound which resulted in a mess – the drums were perpetually offbeat, Hammett and Hetfield ran rings around each other in a volumetric battle for space and sound, and Bob Rock’s bass seemed rather insignificant. With that in mind, Daryl G. and Chris D. from Grace The Skies joined hands with Dave C. from Adust to rerecord the album in its entirety, giving it a more polished and concise sound – what we feel the record ought to have sounded like the first time around.

It’s St. Anger rebooted. Rejuvenated.

You can listen to the original record here

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