VIDEO: Sound Seekers Pres. Zet Legacy’s ‘Gua Di Dalam Gua’

source: Zet Legacy

As promised, Sound Seekerkicks off with indie rapper Zet Legacy and his crew, The Bat Cave, with ‘Gua Di Dalam Gua’. In an interview with Red Bull, the rapper reveals that this chosen song is taken off his upcoming EP, which looks to be more experimental than his debut album. Rife with an effective, infectious hook, Zet is sure to embed the titular chant into your subconscious. As the song progresses, the seated members of The Bat Cave join in to form a small shindig with Zet and Zaf Besar, who delivers some verses when Zet introduces him with, “Jangan sampai gua bawak kelawar.”

Take a look below:

Stay tuned for a second video from Zet Legacy coming out the next Friday

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