VIDEO: Sound Seekers Pres. Santaroena

source: Santaroena

Producer Santaroena is the second artiste to be featured on Red Bull’s Sound Seekers. The 21-year-old, who will be launching long awaited album ROGUE this Friday, talks to Red Bull about his experiences since dropping out of university to pursue music, the making of his EP Dancing Notions/ Nightcrawler, and his thoughts on receiving more support from local music listeners, the media, and brands.  In the video, he also tries his best to describe his indefinable sound, “… electronic, trip hop, abstract-like jazz, heavy synths – really, I could always say different things.”

Watch the video of his performance of eponymous single ‘Rogue’ below:

And a performance of ‘Flashback’ here.

Santaroena will hold  an album launch for ROGUE this Friday at Under 9, more details on the event here