VIDEO: Son Lux’s ‘Change is Everything’

source: Son Lux

Post-rock group Son Lux evolved from composer-producer Ryan Lott’s solo project to adding guitarist Rafiq Bhatia and drummer Ian Chang. While Son Lux’s particular sound is informed by an array of influences — from electronica to baroque pop to hip hop — to dissect the cerebral intricacies of their work would be borderline futile. For the forthcoming fourth studio album Bones, the group debuted a stop-motion video for ‘Change is Everything’, produced by prolific design house The Made Shop. There is no secret as to how painstakingly arduous it is to produce a stop motion video, but for the roughly four-minute video, the visuals were made with 200 push pins and 500 feet of rubberised thread. By some measure of resilience, they’ve created visuals to reflect or echo the theme of the song as well as tracing Lott’s actual face as he lip-synced for the video. The track is expectedly anthemic with its pulverising drum beat and jubilant wailing.

You can watch the making of the video here. But before that, watch the music video below:

Anticipated for release on 23 June, you can pre-order Bones here.