VIDEO: Smoke Fairies’ ‘Christmas Without A Kiss’

source: Smoke Fairies

No matter how you celebrate Christmas — whether for religious or hedonistic purposes — make damn sure that not everyone will be feeling the season’s greetings or cheer. Take for instance London rock duo Smoke Fairies, who shared a lonesome ode to the dismal and pressured experience of ‘celebrating’ the holiday. As one of the ladies told NPR, “When it doesn’t quite work out how you hoped it would, it can make you want to hurl yourself on the ground into a pile of snow in resignation.” There are quite a few melancholy Christmas songs that are packaged as pop songs, such as Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas, but this single just basks in its own darkened winter chill that they’ve created with low slung vocals, guitar chords, and impassive drumming.

Take a look below:

Smoke Fairies’ album Wild Winter is available via Full Time Hobby.