VIDEO: Rozita Binti Roslan

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In this odd short film about a guy named Ilham or ‘inspiration’, his search for the makings of sweet dreams comes in the form of the titular Rozita binti Roslan, Malaysia’s own version of the manic pixie dream girl archetype. They go through the typical process of burgeoning love, from the cringe-y awkward first encounter at a laundromat, to reaching the height of ultimate compatibility, to eventually dealing with an identity/existential crisis. This film has been shortlisted for the BMW Shorties where it’s nominated in every single category and for good reasons too. It’s got the Wes Anderson Futura text, subtitles like movies from the French New Wave , and the eerie, unusual storyline, all making for a brief indie gem. Scored by Reddi Rocket, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised when you see other familiar names in the credits.

Delve in below:

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