VIDEO: Rosie Lowe’s ‘Who’s That Girl?’

source: Rosie Lowe

Since her Right Thing EP, Rosie Lowe has attracted comparisons to another r’n’b vocalist, Jessie Ware. However, Lowe’s particular take on the genre is more leftfield; hers is burnished with inflections of electronic edge, embellishing a vocal style that’s redolent of eras past. Produced by Kwes and Dave Okumu, her latest single ‘Who’s That Girl?’ tells the story of the betrayal of a friendship — in her words, “The song is about a friend that stepped down when I needed her most.” The track plays with echoes and reverberation, especially with her voice that flows and ebbs throughout the song, whereas the video has a minimalist approach by using a veil as a metaphor for the different masks people don, along with pulses of light to add to the thematic tension.

Watch it below:

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