VIDEO: RBMA Pres. Diggin’ In The Carts Ep. 3: The Dawn of a New Era

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source: Diggin' in the Carts

In this third episode from RBMA’s docu-series, we see the evolution of the 8-bit technology to the doubly awe-inspiring 16-bit. In it, we are introduced to music composers such as Hayato Matsuo and Yoko Shimomura, both of whom were pivotal in making all those solid background tunes that accompanied the hours upon hours of your time spent gaming. Also, the likes of Ladyhawke (where has she been?) and Flying Lotus marvel at how the 16-bit video games improved not just the aesthetics of the games but the music as well. One of the vital examples of the ground-breaking game from that era was Street Fighter 2,  witness various artistes unabashedly gushed and geeked over the iconic arcade game and its infectious, kitschy music.

What’s cuter than Thundercat trying to mimic Blanka’s theme? Watch below.

The next episode will be out Friday 26 September ’14 here

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