VIDEO: Powell’s ‘Insomniac’

source: Powell

The biggest news in music in these couple of weeks is the exchange between electronic producer Oscar Powell and well-respected musician and pundit Steve Albini. It all started with Powell seeking approval from Albini for his permission for a sample he had made that’s derived from a Big Black (one of Albini’s bands back in the day) LP. Powell not only got the okay from Albini, but he had also received a well-written tirade on the current electronic music scene — ostensibly about the EDM scene — that Powell had made into an advertisement. After much hoopla, Powell has finally released the track called ‘Insomniac’, which features the email exchange between the artistes, presented in jarring white and neon green.

The track has a constant grating dissonance with a constant loop where a young Albini sings “L-DOPA fixed me, alright?” from a track in Big Black’s second and final album entitled Songs about Fucking. The noise would wind down to reveal a single guitar note along with synths and a drum beat. The video concludes with another email to Albini to yet again ask for his permission to use his email response for the video. Albini replied cavalierly with a slew of “Don’t Care” with increasing aggravation.

It’s all very entertaining. Check out the video below:

Powell’s ‘Insomniac’ b/w ‘Should’ve Been A Drummer’ single is out now on XL.