VIDEO: Popek-Popek – ‘Apa Itu Dara?’

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source: popteevee

We are all bombarded by sex in today’s culture; some among us could be obsessed with the subject, a few of us may even be addicted to the very activity. But, we don’t judge as long as you’re happy. Knowing about sex is one thing, but can you confidently say that you are truly educated about it? PopTeeVee‘s new project Popek-Popek , a series about sex education that’s produced by one of The Effing Show‘s co-host Faiq Syazwan , is your source for information that’s devoid of irony. Even though the opening sequence of the show is a pastel-hued animation with pubescent kids, you’d soon realise that there is no punchline and your brain will be piqued from all the useful newfound knowledge reducing your surprising ignorance of the subject matter someone your age should be more than adroit at (shame on you!). Joined by a mum ‘consulting co-host’ Sudarshan (formerly of Think! Tadpole! Think non-fame), host June Low tackles the first episode’s question, “What is Virginity?”, with plenty of talking but also some visual learning via Sudar’s face.

Here it is:

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