VIDEO: Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Breakin’ Point’

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The Swedish trio first gained popularity after their single ‘Young Folk’ off their album Writer’s Block was listed as #5 on Pitchfork‘s Best Songs of 2006 – a track that could misconstrue them as a one hit wonder. There had been more from them in the ensuing years in terms of relevance, they did collaborate with Drake after all. Simply put, they are known for creating pop anthems — Scandinavian musicians have a knack for this apparently (i.e. the world’s top EDM DJs and producers) — and elaborate music videos. While latest single ‘Breakin’ Point’ continues to make a case for that, it also sounds like a plea for guidance (“I saw it in Jesus, saw it in Superman, got it from whiskey like any loser can, been running on empty, I leave all in your hands, now show me what to do, I’m listening to you”). Fittingly, its music video is of a bewildered man roaming around in a forest who then encounters what appears to be a small-scale mammoth made of strings. It has a tinge of weirdness, but the ending of the music video is sweet enough for a viewer to go “Aww” while simultaneously asking “What did I just watch?”

Watch the video below:

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