VIDEO: Orang Malaya’s ‘A P C (feat. Bastard)’

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source: Orang Malaya

We already received a sneak preview of Orang Malaya’s forthcoming mixtape Off Season – initial impression, you asked? Six words; Orang Malaya’s gone full Metro Boomin. Well, the influence has always been there, but it is on this mixtape that he, along with all the marquee producers you’d expect from HOAX, have achieved trap godhood. If you need audio proof of this, look no further than the just-released music video for ‘A P C (feat. Bastard)’, the second single off the record (the first being ‘So Thirsty, I Like It’). And yes, it comes in the same lofi, DIY aesthetic that has become emblematic of HOAX and endeared so many of today’s young’uns. JUICE wants some more.

Watch the video below:

Keep an eye out for Off Season’s imminent release here.

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