VIDEO: OK Go’s ‘I Won’t Let You Down’

source: OK Go

We know we can count on OK Go to always try to outdo themselves in terms of the complexity level of their music videos. We’d like to think that the foursome probably just sit around spewing out random ideas before their manager comes at an undefined time and shouts “OK GO!”, at which point the idea that was being talked about becomes their next project. We’re kidding. But really, from their Grammy Award-winning treadmill dance video to their amazingly intricate chain reaction-causing Rube Goldberg machine and this year’s single-shot optical illusion video, they’ve always come across as more than just every other generic band on the market — often because of their videos, gimmicky as they are. In the music video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’, we see the band cavorting through an intensely choreographed umbrella dance — probably the best we’ve ever seen. The ending especially, is simply superb. And oh, now we all want Honda UniCUBs too.

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