VIDEO: OJ Law’s ‘Tongue-Tied’

The next best thing after Justin Timberlake’s junk in a box is probably a mute companion automaton that looks like OJ Law in a box (or you can order the Faiq of That Effing Show model — the most ubiquitous one, having appeared in anything from Nescafé to Vaseline ads). That’s the basic premise for the music video to his latest single ‘Tongue-Tied’ off upcoming album Let’s Be Adult at least. Directed by Ling Low, the video also features indie actress Dawn Cheong and The Impatient Sisters’ Soraya Taib, both playing the lovebots’ respective owners to delusional perfection. There’s some kind of subtext to be read here, like it were the rom-com romp edition of Black Mirror, but we are more endeared by the track itself than the video. ‘Tongue-Tied’, while sounding just like what you’d expect from OJ Law, is still deliciously campy with a slight house twist to the OJ template of rock-electronica-soul. It didn’t go full-on synthwave ala ‘It’s Not Enough to be With You’, but the sprinkling of disco should get folks sticking to the dancefloor.

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