VIDEO: OJ Law’s ‘Introverts’

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source: OJ Law

When OJ Law hinted at the imminent release of this song yesterday via his Facebook page, we were anxious for the video’s debut. Riding the coattails of his sweetly precious disco-electronica hit ‘Tongue-Tied‘ last year, ‘Introverts’ follows in the same vein of that song, but markedly sombre, as it would be when it revolves around a plot of “stranger[s] shy and distant”. The lyrics read like a brooding novella (or a Tumblr poem written by an introverted special snowflake) which OJ delivers in a sustained falsetto. The best portion is in the bridge where the backing vocals come in to support the pivotal moment in the chorus: “And when your eyes meet/ When you feel it/ Oh, you’re on fire.”

Produced by the Spacemen, watch the sci-fi inspired video below:

From his forthcoming album Let’s Be Adults, ‘Introverts’ is available for sale here

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